Your Trusted Transportation Partner

We deliver goods under a single operational schema. As a dedicated contract carrier, our freight shipping services are most effective for companies looking to replace or supplement existing fleet resources,  dramatically improve their customer service, or begin requiring guaranteed capacity.

  • Customer deliveries
  • Plant deliveries
  • Distribution center deliveries

We’re a true partnership organization. Under our Dedicated Fleet arrangement, fleet customers operate as independent fleet owners. This frees them to apply human and financial resources to their core business and customers. Using a combination of experience, the latest state-of-the-art computer software, and load data, our team of transportation and logistics specialists studies the operational aspects of your business and determines the most efficient and cost-effective methods so we can optimize your time and business equities.

As your transportation partner, we’ll present you with a solution custom tailored to meet your individual business needs and work closely with your company to ensure a smooth transition to our third-party logistics operations. We’ll hire, train, and manage a logistics team ideally suited to your operation, giving you the opportunity to focus more on the core issues of your business. Finally, we hit the road.

Let Us Move for You