Standard Form For Presentation Of Loss And Damage Claims

Please review information below before you complete the form.

Freight Claim Form

To file a claim:

  1. For damaged goods, notify the carrier AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE MOMENT and request inspection. Keep all packaging until inspection is waived or performed. Retain the damaged goods until your claim is concluded. Because the owner of the goods shipped has a legal obligation to minimize the amount of the claim, when possible, you should make every effort to repair, discount, or salvage damaged goods.For shortages, when possible, it is usually a good idea to wait a few days in case the remaining goods are located and delivered. This saves both the carrier and claimant the time spent tracking a claim.
  2. Collect these documents relating to your claim and include them in your filing:
    a) A standard claim presentation form or a letter (please type or print) which identifies the shipment, the claimant, the total amount claimed, and that states the details of the claim.
    b) A copy of the Freight Bill indicating freight charges have been paid.
    c) A copy of the Bill of Lading and a copy of the delivery receipt with driver’s signature noting shortage or damage.
    d) A copy of the inspection report or a description of damage if an inspection is waived.
    e) A copy of all pages of the vendor invoice showing the cost of the goods shipped and any discounts or allowances. Purchase orders, packing slips, etc. cannot be accepted as proof of the goods’ value. This is the most common document missing from claim presentations. Without it, your claim cannot be settled. Please include the correct document with your claim presentation to speed the processing of your claim.
    f) If the claim involves repairs, we still require the vendor invoice along with a break down of labor hours times a rate, as well as any invoices for parts used in the repair. If a third party does the repairs, an invoice from them will be needed.

You must provide items a, e, and f. While some claims can be settled without your copies of b, c, and d, you can increase your chances of a timely settlement by including all applicable documents named above, along with any other documents that support your claim.

  1. Damages and ShortagesDamages and/or shortages must be explicitly noted on the carrier’s proof of delivery when such delivery is made.The following notations are not acceptable and will not entitle you to file a claim:
    A. Subject to inspection
    B. Possible shortage
    C. Possible damage
  2. Concealed DamageClaims must be reported without delay to the carrier. When concealed damage is noted, stop unpacking, notify the carrier immediately and request an inspection. Continued unpacking of the shipment could disqualify your claim. Packaging must be retained for inspection by the carrier.
  3. Time Limit for Filing a Claim
    A. Damage claims must be filed within 30 days from delivery
    B. Shortage claim must be filed within 30 days from delivery
  4. A carrier is liable only for the value of the goods at the time of shipping. A carrier is not liable for overhead expenses, lost profits, administration fees, etc…
  5. Shipments must be checked according to the carriers pro bill and not the packing slip.
  6. Carriers are not liable for goods shipped at “Owner’s Risk of Damages” or for goods not properly packed.
  7. Salvage on damaged goods must be retained by the customer in the event a claim is paid. The disposition of the salvage will be determined once the claim has been settled.

All S & S Transport claims are handled at our Corporate office location.

Finally, please allow time for the registration and accumulation of documents. Federal regulations require us to acknowledge your claim within 30 days. Most claims get resolved sooner. We will contact you within the required time period if we need additional documentation to complete the processing of your claim. Please allow us the time to give your claim and others’ our complete attention.

    Our claim is for the following reason:ShortageVisible DamageConcealed DamageOther

    Detailed statement showing claim amount is determined, include number and description of Articles, nature and extent of loss or damage, invoice cost articles, amount of claim, Etc.

    The shipment moved from and to the following:

    As a minimum, you must support your claim by at least one document from each of the following categories (if applicable). Failure to include necessary documents will delay settlement of your claim. Attached These Documents Below.

    Documentation Of Transportation ContractCopy Of Bill Of Lading

    Documentation Of Cost Of GoodsOriginal Vendor Invoice

    Documentation Of Cost Of GoodsOriginal Vendor Invoice

    Documents That Support Shortage/Damage Other Supporting DocumentsInspection ReportConsignee Copy Of Delivery Receipt With Shortage Or Damage Noted By DriverDescription Of Damage With PhotosOriginal Repair InvoiceRecord Of Discounted Sale

    Attach Supporting Documents