The 2020 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Annual Roadcheck was postponed this year due to COVID-19. This does not mean that other road checks have been cancelled! This year, Operation Safe Driver week will take place on July 12th through the 18th. During this week long blitz, law enforcement officers from around North America will pay extra attention to drivers engaging in      unsafe behavior on the roadways. The most crucial violation that they will be paying attention to is speeding.

With the decline in traffic over the past few months due to many people working remote,  many drivers have began to disobey traffic laws, including following posted speed limits. “Despite there being far fewer vehicles on the road due to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, many jurisdictions are seeing a severe spike in speeding.” (

“As the number of vehicles on roadways decreased in March and April, average speeds measured during the first week of April increased significantly in the five largest U.S. metropolitan areas. According to recent data, the average speed on interstate highways, state highways and expressways in those areas increased by as much as 75% compared to January and February.” (

During this time drivers may also be pulled over for roadside inspections. There are many things that can help you as a driver have a successful experience during this time. It will be important that you’re wearing your seat belt, have your CDL and Federal Medical Certificate on hand, and make sure you have a professional attitude. It’s also crucial that you have a copy of the company’s Insurance  certificate, an up to date permit book, a charged fire extinguisher, three reflective triangles and proof of annual inspection. If you have a hazmat load, you must have the UN/NA ID number,  proper shipping name, hazard class/division and packing group.

For any questions about rules and regulations, please visit the FMCSA wesbite.