Integrated logistics is the key to smoother, more efficient trucking operations. But to achieve complete integration, you must have the ability to communicate with everyone on the team; including your carriers and their drivers. That’s why S&S Transport uses communications system by PeopleNet. With PeopleNet onboard, we are never out of touch with our drivers, which means your shipments are never beyond your control. So when there is a change of plans, a change in the weather, or some other unforeseen situation arises, everyone involved is kept informed by the PeopleNet system. This means fewer delays in getting your shipment to its intended destination regardless of circumstance.

In addition to providing real-time, multi-directional communications with vehicles in transit, PeopleNet supplies precise vehicle location reports and trailer monitoring information. PeopleNet is the only communications system that provides standard hourly position reports, enabling you to monitor your shipment’s journey at your discretion.

PeopleNet is one of the world’s leading providers of mobile communications to the trucking industry, providing the most technologically advanced system on the market.


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