Driver FAQ


Q: How much do your drivers earn?

A: Our top 10% average $78,500 and reaching the top 10% is attainable for all of our drivers based on willingness to drive. If you want to drive, we have the freight. You are paid for all practical miles loaded and empty, along with detention and extra stop pay. We also offer attainable bonuses for retention, utilization and fuel conservation.


Q: What kind of benefits do you offer?

A:  We have an excellent benefit package. Health insurance and a health savings account, 401K Company match and paid vacation.


Q:  How often will I get home?

A:  You will be back to our terminal every 7-10 days.  If you live outside the area, we will work with you to get you home as often as possible.  Please speak to one of our recruiters (1-888-94 DRIVE) for further details.  We are committed to honoring your requests for time off and making sure you are home for those special days.


Q: What kind of tractors do you have?

A: We have a modern fleet, primarily Freightliners and Kenworths. We know that you spend a lot of time in your truck and the creature comforts are important to the lifestyle that you lead, so they are all equipped with Satellite TV,  APU’s, Inverters, Refrigerators and more. Basically, all the conveniences you want to make life on the road a bit better.


Q: Do you offer a lease purchase program.

A: Yes, all of our company drivers are eligible. For new drivers, there is a brief period of time so we can make sure that the truck you are purchasing is exactly the truck that suits you. We are proud of our drivers and we will make every effort to help you advance your career, all the way to owning your own fleet.


Q: Do you train or hire brand new drivers.

A: Yes, students that have earned their CDL are welcome and will go through a 6-8 week training program with us. If you are looking to get your CDL, we can recommend reputable training schools where you live and we will offer a pre-hire agreement for qualified candidates.


Q: How long does the hiring process and orientation take?

A: It varies based on response rate but we share your desire to get the process done correctly and as quickly as possible. We will work together to make it happen efficiently.


CALL 1-888-94-DRIVE (1-888-943-7483) for more information.